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10 things you should know about Vicky Bartzioka

  1. Vicky Bartzioka, a fashion model and actress, hails from Athens, Greece, where she was born and raised.
  2. She proudly holds the title of Miss Young Greece, showcasing her early recognition in the world of beauty and fashion.
  3. Vicky’s impressive portfolio includes collaborations with renowned Greek designers, as well as global brands such as Calvin Klein, Dolce & Gabbana, and Levi’s.
  5. Her runway presence extends to prestigious shows like L’Orรฉal and Wella, reflecting her prominence in the fashion industry.
  6. Vicky Bartzioka graced the covers of numerous fashion magazines, highlighting her popularity and influence in the fashion world.
  7. Beyond modeling, she made an appearance in a music video alongside the famous Greek singer Sakis Rouvas, adding a touch of versatility to her career.
  8. Working with Oscar-nominated director Giorgos Lanthimos showcases Vicky’s involvement in high-profile projects in the entertainment industry.
  9. Demonstrating early determination, Vicky knew her path from childhood and fearlessly pursued her dreams, ultimately achieving great success in Greece and Europe.
  10. Transitioning to the USA, she signed with Click Model Management in New York, where she continued to make a mark in the competitive world of modeling.
  11. Despite her accomplished modeling career, Vicky ventured into acting, driven by a passion for new dreams and goals, showcasing her versatility and determination. rewrite this aritcal