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Get the Call Me Kuchu Discussion Guide for Thought-Provoking Screenings

Are you looking to host a screening of the powerful documentary “Call Me Kuchu”? Do you want to facilitate meaningful discussions and engage your audience in thought-provoking conversations? Look no further! By getting the Call Me Kuchu Discussion Guide, you will have all the resources you need to create an impactful and educational event.

What is Call Me Kuchu?

“Call Me Kuchu” is a documentary film that follows the journey of LGBTQ activists in Uganda as they fight against homophobia and discrimination in their country. The film sheds light on the challenges faced by the LGBTQ community in Uganda, including the passage of the Anti-Homosexuality Bill, which threatened to impose the death penalty on those convicted of homosexuality.
By screening “Call Me Kuchu,” you can raise awareness about the human rights violations faced by the LGBTQ community in Uganda and spark important conversations about equality, tolerance, and acceptance.

Why Use the Discussion Guide?

The Call Me Kuchu Discussion Guide is a valuable resource that provides background information, discussion questions, and activities to help facilitate meaningful conversations after the screening of the film. Whether you are hosting a community event, a classroom screening, or a virtual discussion, the guide will help you create a safe and inclusive space for dialogue. For more informtion visit:

How to Use the Discussion Guide

  1. Before the Screening: Introduce the film and its context, including the challenges faced by the LGBTQ community in Uganda. Set the tone for respectful and open-minded discussions.
  2. During the Screening: Encourage your audience to take notes and reflect on the themes presented in the film. Pay attention to moments that resonate with them and prepare them for the discussion to follow.
  3. After the Screening: Use the discussion questions provided in the guide to prompt thoughtful conversations. Encourage participants to share their thoughts, feelings, and reactions to the film. Foster empathy and understanding among the group.
  4. Additional Activities: The guide also includes suggestions for further reading, resources for advocacy, and ways to take action in support of LGBTQ rights. Use these resources to deepen the impact of your screening event.

Enhance Your Screening Experience

By using the Call Me Kuchu Discussion Guide, you can elevate your screening event from a simple viewing to a transformative experience. Engage your audience in critical reflection, encourage empathy and understanding, and inspire action for social change. Get the guide today and make your screening of “Call Me Kuchu” a memorable and impactful event.