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How to Hunt Turkey Successfully For Beginners – Turkey Hunting Must Do’s and Must Have’s

A lot of males like to try turkey hunting for the challenge, but sadly they lack information on hunting these gobblers. Below are important turkey-hunting must-do’s and must-have’s.

Wild Turkeys like to hide from the sun. That is why to beginners who want to learn how to hunt turkey, it is wise to scout for places with hilly terrain, land formations and boulders that filter the sun rays. But of course, to catch turkeys, one must be equipped with information when would be the best time to go hunting turkeys.

Another essential tip on how to hunt turkey is to load up on supplies. First on the list is the hunter’s weapon of choice. While generally firearms are allowed in turkey hunting 5.7 green tip, some states have distinct regulations.

Apart from the weapons, the hunters need to don camouflage. This is because turkeys have very sharp vision and slight irregularity their line of sight will cause them to flee.

Once the gears are already acquired, the hunter now has to choose the technique to hunt the turkey. One method on how to hunt turkey effectively is called stalking. It constitutes hiding behind bushes, walking slowly and following the turkey. When the turkey closes in, a hunter can now aim at their feathery target using their weapon. This type of method in hunting turkey avoids unnecessary noises will increase chance of catching the fowl.

However there are noises that prove to be very helpful in turkey hunting. The calling method is the entire opposite of the stalking method. The calling method is done by faking the natural and primal turkey sounds that can entice male turkeys to come to the hunter’s direction. These are called turkey calls.

Turkey calls are a must for every hunter who wants to sharpen their skills on how to hunt turkey successfully. Turkey calls are reproductions of the natural primal sounds. The hunter often uses a wood and does different noises with it through friction. The noises created through this are the pot call, the box call and push-button call.

Another way to recreate the turkey sound is by mouth which is done by inhale and exhale techniques. The types of mouth calls are the diaphragm call and wing bone call which makes use of the wing bones of turkeys. The third call is the box call which produces a squeaky sound.