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Looking For Savings? Where to Find Discount Minka Aire Fans

If you’re reading this right now, chances are that you are already familiar with Minka Aire fans. This company consistently produces quality indoor and outdoor ceiling fans perfect to complete a contemporary styled home. The complete catalog of Minka Aire ceiling fans produces over 70 different styles of fans. Retail prices to upwards of $750! Pretty expensive, right? Well, rest assured that there are many places where you can buy discount Minka Aire fans for substantially less than markup.

1. Amazon

If you haven’t started shopping for more than books on Amazon, you have truly been missing out on substantial savings! Amazon has a great reputation of excellent customer service, not to mention deep discounts. Off top, expect to receive at least a 25-30% discount on Minka aire ceiling fans from this website. If you’re interested in specialty accessory blades rather than the standard fan blades, those are available for purchase as well. You can expect to find similar savings.

2. Lamps Plus

You will find virtually ALL of the Minka Aire ceiling hvac Myrtle beach on this website. Lamps Plus has been in business for over 30 years. You will find great customer service and discounts to compete with some of the big guys in the business. As a result, you will find some incredible deals. Just after taking a quick review of the website, I was able to find $600 Minka fans priced for only $399.99!!! Those kinds of savings are typical for Lamps Plus. If you’re nervous about buying from this retailer, you are also able to get a 120% price guarantee that another competitor will not offer the same fan for less. This is in addition to a 60 day return policy.

3. Lighting By Gregory

Lighting By Gregory is based out of Manhattan. This company earns the reputation of being named “Best Lighting Store” by New York Magazine. Again, you can find virtually all of the Minka Aire fans on their website with substantial discounts to boot. In addition to amazing savings, you will find that most items offer free shipping across the continental United States!

Be careful before you make your final purchase: If you are planning on installing your brand new ceiling fan outdoors, you have to make sure that it is either damp- or wet-rated to withstand the humidity. Otherwise the motor can quickly short out, you’ve lost your warranty, and have effectively thrown money out of the window. There are 39 different styles of Minka Aire outdoor fans. If you fancy contemporary styles, try the Concept collection. Lastly, do some comparison shopping between the three websites. With offers like price matching and guarantees, you should be able to find discount Minka Aire fans for far less than you could find in any store.