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Registration of apology for high school work 2022 Register from here

Usually some teachers have compelling reasons to prevent them from taking the GCSEs, and because there are only a few months left before they can start the GCSEs, the Egyptian Ministry of Education stated that it apologized for the remark. Results and the current correction for secondary school in 2022. In this article, we will explain to you an apology for the work of middle school in 2022, how to register on the site to submit an apology, and the most important conditions that must be met to accept an apology request through the โ€œZiyadaโ€ website.

Apology for high school work 2022
Since opening the door to register the desire until now, the teacher has been suffering from a problem, i.e. when he presses I do not want to participate and then presses save, this message appears in front of him โ€œUnable to save, please try againโ€, but the problem has now been resolved and it has been resolved, you can easily visit the site and register and then save and accept the save Register and understand the following steps: Follow:

Available on the secondary school portal click here .
In column (1), the teacher enters his password.
In field (2), the teacher’s country/region number will be written.
In column (3), the teacher enters the password.
Then click on the login password.
You will log in to this page to register or not wish to participate.
Fill out the personal information in the first part of the page.
Then proceed to fill in the job information found in the second part of the page.
Then, if you do not wish to participate, please click on โ€œI do not want to participateโ€.

Then click on the word save, and once the conditions specified in your request are met, your request will be accepted and we will explain this in the next paragraph.
The type of apology and the necessary documents certified by the Ministry of Education
The Egyptian Minister of Education has set some conditions for accepting the teacherโ€™s apology for participating in observing and correcting the high school exams for this year, as follows:

Pathological conditions: This requires medical evidence for approval by the medical committee.
The child is present until the age of two: This requires the child’s birth certificate and a copy of the mother’s ID.
The death of the husband: This requires the teacher to bring the death certificate of the husband and a copy of his identity card.
Spouse worked in a remote area: The teacher brought an approved letter from the workplace in the remote area where the husband works, confirming that he still works today, and attach a copy of it in the appendix. verification card.
The husband is traveling abroad: In this case, the teacher sends a copy of the passport and exit visa by fax, the latest date, and a copy of her personal card.
Caring for mentally handicapped children and spouses with cancer: In this case the teacher submits a certified medical report.
Assigning the husband and wife to carry out the inspection work: In this case, accept one of the requests for apology that requires the authorization of both parties and a copy of the wifeโ€™s identity card to write a statement for one of them to verify this. He will carry out a declaration for his delegation.
Upon completion of the summary of the topic of apology for the work of general secondary education in 2022 we hope that we have given you information on this topic.

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