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The normal human temperature and what affects it

Today we get to know with you the normal human temperature, as the body temperature is generated as a result of some of the vital factors that you do, including breathing, digestion, food and other vital factors.

In addition to the external environment, but you should know that when the body releases heat, whether it is less or more than usual, this means that it wants to tell you that there is a problem or a defect in its functions, and then it is necessary to reassure yourself, and today we know with you the degree Normal body temperature to be aware of when taking body temperature measurements at any time.

What is the normal range of human body temperature?
Normal human temperature
We get acquainted with you through your site . We differ on the normal range of human body temperature, as the normal body temperature is not the same for everyone, it is possible for your body temperature to differ completely from the temperature of another person’s body.

This is what was determined by a German doctor a long time ago, and this was in the nineteenth century and the standard was at 98.6 Fahrenheit, or 37 degrees Celsius, but recent studies have shown that the average human temperature is closer to 98.2 Fahrenheit, or 36.78 degrees Celsius, but for people Adults can have a different body temperature, depending on the location, from 36.11 to 37.22 degrees Celsius.

For children, the normal temperature of their bodies is from 36.61 to 38 degrees Celsius, and it is normal for the body temperature to remain in the normal range that we mentioned above, but there are some things that may cause the body temperature to change during the day, namely:

The extent of the activity that you do and at what time of the day, as the body temperature differs at times of the night from the day.
Your gender or age.
What you ate or drank.
Women’s menstrual cycle times.
As the reading of the body temperature changes based on the place through which it is measured, for example, you can find the reading of the body temperature from the armpit less than the degree measured through the mouth, but usually the temperature reading from the rectum is higher than the oral reading, and there Some cases that cause temperature changes from their normal rates, and we will get to know them with you in the coming lines, so follow us.

What is a fever?
After we know the normal human temperature, we can also learn about cases in which body temperature rates are higher than normal, including fever, in which the body temperature rises significantly, but sometimes the body temperature drops below its normal rate, and this may It is a sign of danger.

Fever indicates that the body is doing its duty to fight any bacteria or viruses that attack it. However, if your body temperature remains 37.94 for more than three days, you must go to the doctor immediately, and you should go to the doctor immediately if it You have a fever with symptoms such as severe throat swelling, headache, vomiting, chest pain, rash or a stiff neck.

In light of the talk about the average human temperature, we can also recognize a competing factor for the high temperature, which is an abnormal decrease, as the matter in such cases is very dangerous and may be fatal at times. Most people think that the low temperature The body only occurs when a person is exposed for long periods to very cold weather.

One of the most serious cases of concern is that of newborns as well as the elderly, as newborns are not good at regulating the temperature, and so they can lose temperature very quickly, so care must be taken to warm them well.

The elderly should also maintain their body temperature and warm well, especially if they live in a place where there is not enough heat or a place where there is severe air conditioning, as for young children and the elderly, a low body temperature can be evidence that they are sick .

When to seek emergency care
Normal human temperature
If a person or a child with a fever has the following symptoms, emergency care is required:

Fever without sweat.
severe headache;
seizures of epilepsy;
Neck stiffness.
feeling confused
Diarrhea or frequent vomiting.
The appearance of some abnormal symptoms on the person.

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