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Top React Native Interview Questions You Should Know – Olibr


In the realm of mobile app development, React Native has emerged as a popular framework due to its efficiency and cross-platform capabilities. For developers aiming to excel in React Native, mastering key interview questions is essential. Let’s dive into some top react native interview questions you should know, tailored for candidates interested in opportunities through Olibr.

1. Fundamental Concepts

  • What is React Native? This question gauges your understanding of React Native’s purpose, its ability to build native mobile apps using JavaScript, and its advantages over traditional approaches.
  • How does React Native differ from React? Showcase your knowledge of the similarities and differences between React Native and React, emphasizing concepts like virtual DOM, JSX, and component-based architecture.

2. Component Structure

  • Explain the component lifecycle in React Native. Demonstrate your familiarity with component lifecycle methods like componentDidMount and componentWillUnmount, and their role in managing app behavior.
  • What are functional components in React Native? Highlight the benefits and use cases of functional components compared to class components, showcasing your grasp of React Native’s evolving best practices.

3. State Management and Data Handling

  • How does state management work in React Native? Discuss techniques like using useState hook or Redux for managing state across components, showcasing your ability to handle app data effectively.
  • What is AsyncStorage in React Native? Showcase your understanding of persistent storage in mobile apps and how AsyncStorage facilitates data persistence in React Native applications.

4. Navigation and Routing

  • Explain navigation options in React Native. Highlight your knowledge of navigation libraries like React Navigation and their role in creating seamless user experiences in mobile apps.
  • How do you handle deep linking in React Native? Showcase your understanding of deep linking concepts and how they enable app-to-app communication and improved user engagement.


Mastering these top React Native interview questions not only demonstrates your expertise but also positions you as a valuable candidate for React Native development roles, especially through platforms like Olibr, where top-tier opportunities await skilled React Native developers.