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What Is The Best Water Treatment Method?

There has been some argument in the last several years as to what the best water treatment methods might be. Residential water treatment began in the early seventies, and has evolved since then into a huge industry, with many methods and models to choose from. However, not all water filtration methods are created equal.

In the seventies the best water purification methods were reverse osmosis and distillation. Both of these methods were originally designed for photo processing and printing industries that required mineral free water for their operations. In the seventies the health craze that swept the nation led to these water purification systems being marketed to Fentanyl Detox residential home owners.

Reverse osmosis and distillation methods have many downfalls. The first of these problems is that this is not the best water treatment method residential use. The minerals stripped out of the water by these methods are actually healthful, and can be found in many multi-vitamins taken by millions of Americans daily.

Another problem with these methods stems from the fact that they were designed to be the best water purification methods for industry, not consumption. Therefore, thought as to filtering out chlorine, harmful pesticides and herbicides, and other organic compounds that might cause long term health problems were not considered in their development. In short, these water filtration methods hold low performance compared to later methods and filters used more commonly today.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, the best water purification method is filtering through carbon based filters. Carbon based filters will get the most volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and trihalomethanes (THMs) out of the tap water. These are the components of tap water that are most likely to cause health problems.

It makes sense that the best water treatment methods will clean your water of all harmful substances, to the highest expectations possible. Multi stage filtration systems meet and exceed these expectations. Multi stage filtration systems, by their very nature, have the highest performance rate for the cleansing of water of VOCs and THMs.

These multi stage filtration systems use carbon based and other filters. The water is run through two to three stages, depending on the type of filter. For example, the best water purification system for the entire home may go through three stages, while a simple shower filter will only have two stages.

Either way, the multiple stages allow for a much higher content of chlorine and other substances to be removed from the water. This is very helpful in battling dermatological problems such as acne, eczema, and psoriasis. It can also limit the risk of asthma attacks in older adults and young children, by eliminating chloroform gas from the home. This gas is caused by chlorine dissipated in steam from tap water.

The best water purification methods will also correct the PH balance of the water. When PH balance is achieved in water, it allows for much more healthful consumption and usage. It also allows you to save money, as PH balanced water helps clothes last longer, and cleansers be used in smaller amounts.