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What To Do If You Have Property Damage Claim And How Claim Processing Works

Having property insurance is a form of risk management to counteract unforeseen losses for a premium. The Insurer is the company which sells the insurance and the policy holder is the one who buys it. Should an incident occur, the policy holders can make an insurance claim. The initial processes required can be long and arduous. There are a number of requirements the insurance company may demand once the claim has settled. The process through which it is done is called insurance claims adjusting. This aspect is handled by a claims adjuster.

If the claim amount/damage is small, the insurance company may payout in several checks. But when the amount is significant, the insurance companies prefer the process of claims adjusting before payout happens. What does this mean? It means that the companies adjust a claim by using the services of a trained claims adjuster. The insurance company uses claims adjusters to inspect and report an estimate of the damages, instead of remitting whatever the policy holder may be asking.

The claims adjuster will study the situation and determine if the claim made is justified or not. The purpose of this process is supposedly to prevent fraud but many claimants who have tried to file rightful damage claims with their insurance companies on their own will tell you this area of investigation can be biased towards the company’s interest. This can be especially true when the adjuster is hired by the insurance company who is to payout your claim. All the claims made are usually not paid by the company for various reasons. This happens if the premium is not paid in full, or another person is held liable and has agreed to pay for the damages. Usually the insurance companies take the word of the claims adjuster as final. The process is completed by a fair claim settlement made between both parties. Adjusters are hired by insurance companies and many times financial institutions to study the range of loss. They act as a middleman for claim settlements. Many claimants or policyholders seek out Public Adjusters who are a more neutral party and work harder as an advocate for the policy holder rather than the insurance company’s claim adjuster.

Typically the public adjustment firm you choose to contract with will provide a project manager who will become your single point of contact. Their job is to handle all aspects of your claim including the interfacing with surveyors, contractors, solicitors and other adjusters involved (i.e., insurance company’s adjuster) so that you are free to go about your life and daily activities without having to worry about the long phone calls on hold with your insurance company, and the run-around led by insurance, etc. Other aspects that the public adjusting firm will do for you include organizing specialist repairs such as with restoration companies, flood and fire restorations, getting you temporary accommodations, and equipment for instance. Public adjusters often liaise with the building contractors as well.

Finding a competent public adjuster not only makes a lot of sense but in many cases is absolutely necessary especially when the losses are significant or when you are emotionally distressed. You need someone by your side who will fight for you and be able to assess the situation objectively to demand a fair compensation from your company in return for the premiums you have paid over the years.

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